9 Quirky Cute Planter Designs You Will Love

Plants have been shown to reduce stress and purify the air, so why not surround ourselves with our favourite plants in the cutest and quirkiest planters we can find? These cute planter designs are sure to put a smile on your face and showcase your personality and style.

1. Big Sunshine Planter Pot

Start your day with a smile on your face the moment you get a glimpse of sunshine. This sunshine planter pot will surely chase your dark clouds away! It also comes in an ideal desktop size so you could place it at a corner of your working desk or bedside table. The best part? This planter pot is hand-painted so you are guaranteed to have your own unique sunshine!

2. Kitty Cat Planter Pots

Attention cat lovers! We’ve got the perfect planter pots for you. These Kitty Cat planters will remind you of your playful furry babies and you just cannot help but love them. The pots come in two designs and getting them together makes the perfect combo.

3. Cabo Ceramic Pots

Looking for something cute and simple? The Cabo pots’ unique geometrical shapes will surely be to your liking. While one tiny pot is adorable on its own, a combo of these three patterns makes perfect harmony! Just settle them down on one corner together with their own variety of tiny plants and you will instantly see the difference they make to your room.

4. Resin Turtle Planter

Careful! That’s not a real turtle! This Resin Turtle Planter looks so lively it would surely have your friends second-guessing. This will fit right in any coastal-themed room and could easily blend in indoors and outdoors.

5. Clarrie Cow Ceramic Planter

Moooooo! If you love cows or have a fun farmhouse theme in your home, then this planter would make the perfect addition. It is a small planter perfect for your indoor garden and is good for flexing your green thumb skills.

6. Wayne Whale Planter

If you love the sea and the ocean, the Wayne Whale Planter is perfect for you. It has a uniquely crafted mermaid tail design with a whitewash finish so it could blend in any environment you set it on. The pale color will also make your plants look more vibrant, thus making it a striking accent to any room.

7. Blue Whale Planter

We just can’t have enough of the ocean so here is another water-themed planter for you. It is not just a tail this time, but a whole adorable whale swimming its way into your space! What we love the most about this whale planter are the unique shapes and patterns on its belly.

8. Abstract Shapes Planter

Speaking of shapes and patterns, if you are a fan of such designs then the Abstract Shapes Planter should definitely be a part of your list. Abstract concepts are very versatile because they could be casual, classy, quirky, and elegant no matter where you put them.

9. Blair Bear Ceramic Pot

One thing’s for sure about the Blair Bear Ceramic Pot: it will always smile back at you even on your lowest days. What a simple yet lovely way to turn that frown on your face upside down. It also comes with a plug in bottom so draining is going to be the least of your worries. If anything, this ceramic pot is here to make you feel better every day.

Any of these fun, quirky, cute planter designs above would make a great addition to any indoor plant garden. Many of them can be mixed and matched so you can create an eclectic and eye-catching garden you will surely love.