Tips To Mix And Match Your Cushions

Tips To Mix And Match Your Cushions

Turning your living space into your own magical world is as easy as mixing and matching your cushions. You will be surprised at how the tiniest changes could do big wonders, and your cushions are a great way to start turning your space into one of those “Insta-famous” rooms!

With just your cushions, you can instantly make your place look professional, casual, fun, wild, or homey. But how exactly should you style them together to achieve your desired look?

1. Decide On A Colour Palette – When choosing a colour palette, you must be mindful of your room’s theme. For instance, a minimalist office would be great with neutral tones so cushions in white, beige, and brown would fit together perfectly. A modern black and white room on the other hand would be amazing with a splash of bright red. Once you’ve decided on your colour scheme, you can start mixing and matching your cushions like a pro! Do you feel like a true pro yet?

2. Prints, Patterns, And Plains – Now that you’ve got the colours down, it’s time to pay attention to your cushions’ designs! This step is all about creating a lively dynamic. Even with a great colour scheme, you can still end up with a bland room if you stick to a single pattern or to plain cushions only. A combination of these three, however, is going to make things more interesting.

3. Don’t Forget Textures – Your cushions could be covered in wool, satin, linen, and other kinds of fabric, and they all have a unique appearance that also matters when matching their appearance. For instance, satin covers have a shine to them while linens could look more matte. Now, for your first test, does matte look good with shiny satins? It’s all up to you!

To complete the experience, it’s not enough to focus on the visuals. Your couch and cushions are bound to be used and the point of all of these is to give you maximum relaxation and satisfaction with your work. This is why texture also matters when making a cushion combo!

4. Size And Shapes Matter – The trick to choosing the sizes of your cushions is by getting at least a piece of each size available, which would typically be small, medium, and large. This way, all your cushions are highlighted and seen instead of being hidden behind others of the same size.

Throwing a different shape in the mix is also going to spice things up! Of course, some would prefer to have their cushions in the exact same shape albeit in different sizes, but a single rebellious cushion could also make things more abstract and vastly change the vibe of the room.

Here’s a bonus: do the karate chop! The karate chop is a classic trick by professionals where you group the cushions into two, occupying each side of a couch while leaving a space in the middle. This will highlight their designs, colours, sizes, and shapes even more!